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Vertical Board-on-Board Semi-Privacy
Vertical Board-on-Board Semi-Privacy
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Vertical Board-to-Board Full Privacy
Vertical Board-to-Board Full Privacy
Horizontal Board-to-Board Privacy
Vertical Board-on-Board Full Privacy
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    What are the Different Types of Wood Fences?

    We often erect a wooden fence for privacy, safety, to keep kids and pets in and to block out wind and noise. However, the right style of wood fence also goes a long way in improving the appearance of the home.

    If you have questions like “how much does it cost to get a wood fence installed?” or the best place to buy wood fence pickets in Toronto. Let’s help you make that decision and show you different wood fences to choose from too.

    Wood Lattice Fence

    A lattice is made from thin diagonal slats that are set in a crisscross pattern. You can use wood lattice fences for gardens, patios, decks and pool areas.

    Composite Wood Fence

    These types of fences are a blend of sawdust and plastic, which are made into boards with solid wooden posts and railings. They can be made in a variety of wood-like colours.

    Wood Picket Fence

    Wood picket fences are often widely spaced and have pointed top pickets that don’t encourage climbing. They are ideal for swimming pool enclosures, gardens and front yards. We can also use them as support for climbing plants.

    Vertical Board Fence

    These types of wood fences are overlapped or butted from edge to edge with high vertical boards. They are most effective for wind and noise and also help keep out nosy neighbours.

    You can check out other fencing styles and accessories that can be used here.

    Wood Fence cost

    Typically, the cost of wood fencing depends on budget, height, distance and the type of wood you’d like to have installed. On the average, a wood fence can cost as low as $1000 in Toronto and as high as $10,000.

    What Type of Wood Fence Lasts the Longest?

    A wooden fence should be able to withstand the elements for as long as 20 years if made from weather resisting wood and fasteners. Therefore, wood fences made of cedar, redwood or pressure-treated pine often last the longest. Although pine and cypress are good alternatives too.

    How Often do Wood fences Need to be Replaced?

    Depending on maintenance practices and the material of your wood fence, it’s expected to last between 20 to 50 years.