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Vinyl Fences
Vinyl Fences
Vinyl Fences

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    Investing in premium vinyl privacy fences not only helps you maintain privacy, safety, and security, but also adds aesthetic appeal to your property. Vinyl privacy fences are becoming a popular choice among homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area. Here a few things to consider when you opt for vinyl fence installation.

    What Are Vinyl Privacy Fences Made Of?

    Vinyl fences are made primarily made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Special ingredients are mixed with PVC to give the vinyl fence strength and durability. As a result, vinyl fences can withstand great impact. 

    Vinyl fences can be manufactured in two different ways. The first one is called mono-extrusion where PVC is injected with UV inhibitors. The second one is known as co-extrusion which includes two layers of PVC. The inner layer offers impact resistance while the outer layer is UV resistant. 

    Pros & Cons of Vinyl Fencing


    • Vinyl fences have a low maintenance cost as they do not need chemical sprays to protect them from insects. Thus, they are non-toxic.
    • They are available in a broad range of colours and styles. This makes it easier to customize your fencing.
    • Vinyl fences are made from recyclable material, making them environmentally friendly.
    • Vinyl fences are easy to clean. Mud, dust, and debris can be hosed down with ease.
    • Vinyl fences can last a long time with proper maintenance.
    • Vinyl fences do not splinter or rot. 


    • Some vinyl fences do not last long in hot weather. Luckily, we don’t have much hot weather in Toronto.
    • Vinyl fences stand out against natural background, owing to their synthetic nature.
    • Vinyl fence installation requires a high initial investment.
    • Algae, mold, and mildew can stain vinyl fences.

    How Long Do Vinyl Fences Last?

    Vinyl fences can withstand more impact than most other types of fences. With proper care and maintenance, vinyl privacy fences can last decades, at least a minimum of 30 years. Vinyl privacy fences typically last much longer as compared to other types of fences. A premium quality vinyl fence with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) lasts long, even in prolonged hot weather conditions.

    According to a 2008 study by A.X.Gao, John D. Bolt, and Aiping Feng titled Role of Titanium dioxide pigments in outdoor weathering of rigid PVC, “TiO2 absorbs UV light to protect the polymer from direct UV degradation, and provides light scattering for visible light for opacity and to mask the discoloration of PVC.” This study solidifies the fact that Titanium Dioxide protects vinyl fences from UV rays.

    What Are The Different Types of Vinyl Fences?

    When it comes to vinyl fence installation, there are a number of options to choose from. Let’s take a look at a few types of vinyl fences:

    Picket fence

    This classic type of vinyl fence has been around for a long time. It works very well with a wide range of landscapes giving your home a timeless look.

    Pool fence

    This type of vinyl fence is used around pools for privacy and for the safety of children. You must check with your local building department for code requirements in your area.

    Post and Rail fence

    This type of vinyl fence is ideal for farm owners. It is most commonly used as an animal enclosure. It usually comes in 4-rail, 3-rail, and 2-rail styles.

    Solid privacy fence

    This type of vinyl fence offers complete privacy with no gaps between pickets. A few common styles of these fences are Lattice top fences, Decorative rail fences, and closed picket top fences.

    Semi-private fence

    This type of vinyl fence offers some privacy with airflow. It allows light and air to pass through while allowing the right amount of privacy.

    Vinyl fence gate

    Vinyl fence installation around a property comes full circle with the installation of a vinyl fence gate. It is the perfect choice as it doesn’t expand or contract under varying weather conditions. This factor ensures that the gate is functional at all times. A vinyl fence gate comes in a single and double gate design. 

    Vinyl Fence Color Options

    Vinyl privacy fences come in a broad range of colors. However, it is important to consider the color combination when installing vinyl fences. For example, a black vinyl fence would be a very good choice for a light background. 

    Vinyl fences come in different shades of Cedar – Weather Cedar, Redwood Cedar, Aged Cedar, and Natural Cedar. 

    Vinyl fences also come in other colors such as Mocha Walnut, Honey Maple, Tan, White, Grey, and many more. The possibilities are endless.

    Vinyl fences can also be installed with a combination of colors. For example, a black vinyl fence would be perfect with a light rail such as White, Tan, or Grey.

    What Is The Best Vinyl Fence to Buy?

    Vinyl fence comes in two grades: Consumer grade and Professional grade.

    Consumer grade vinyl fence is available in most big box stores like The Home Depot and Lowe’s. It is a cheap but low-quality product. It is thin and hollow inside. It doesn’t last long and most likely has a lower amount of UV inhibitors. It doesn’t have aluminum support resulting in poor strength and rigidity. 

    Professional grade vinyl fence is thicker and has a higher concentration of Titanium Dioxide making it more resistant to UV rays. It lasts longer. The connecting system is strong and invisible. The rails interlock inside each post. Furthermore, ribbing and spines run along the length of the rail adding extra strength.

    Hence, Professional grade vinyl fences are much better than Consumer grade vinyl fences. It is recommended to choose a trusted fencing company for your vinyl fence installation.

    Vinyl Fence Cost

    Vinyl fence requires a high investment upfront. The better the quality the higher the cost. Consumer grade vinyl fences are cheaper than Professional grade vinyl fences. You can expect to pay $13 to $33 per linear foot for material and $6 to $30 per linear foot for labour. On average, it costs $2000 to $6000 for vinyl fence installation.