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As implied by the name, Quick Fence Repair provides fast professional repairs to different kinds of fences, gates, railings, decks, etc.

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    Fence Repair Guide

    Over time, wooden fences and gates become weak and require repair or replacement. They may be damaged due to some accident or they may rot or fall over due to weather conditions. Sometimes, wooden fence repair or fence post repair does the job. But there may be a situation where the fence or post is severely damaged or so weak that it must be replaced.

    How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Fence?

    The cost of repairing a fence depends on the type of material used to build the fence, the cost of labour, the height, and length of the damaged section, and most importantly, the extent of the damage.

    Fence Post Repair & Fence Post Replacement

    There are situations where a wooden fence post is beyond repair. This may cause a section of the fence to lean or collapse. Sometimes the extent of damage to a wooden fence post is so severe that it pulls right out of the ground. If a wooden fence post becomes so weak due to rot or other type of damage that it crumbles in your hand, it is time for a fence post repair, which is actually a fence post replacement.

    Wooden fence posts are supported with a concrete bases which have to be replaced together with posts. Which means digging them out of the ground. Fence posts are usually not expensive but the labour cost is high. Fence post replacement yields the best results if carried out by an experienced professional. 

    Fence Repair vs Install a New Fence

    In most cases the fence panels are in a pretty acceptable condition and can be reused. In that case, there is no need to replace the whole fence. You can detach the existing fence panels from bad fence posts, replace those fence posts and re-attach the existing fence panels.

    Wooden fence repair is recommended when you see discoloration, rot, or splintering. In these cases, only the damaged part of the fence may need to be replaced. But proper care has to be taken to ensure such damages do not reoccur. 

    Old fences that wear out their life span may no longer have replacement parts available from the manufacturer. Hence, you have to opt for fence replacement. There may be situations where the fence may not provide the level of privacy you desire and you may want to replace it with a fence that serves the purpose.

    How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Gate? 

    Repairs of fence gates usually involve replacement of gate posts as well, which adds up to the cost. A wooden gate repair cost includes damaged hinges and latches, gate supports, and labour. Metal gate repairs have varying costs.

    How Much Does it Cost to Repair Railings?

    Railings are an important part of stairs, balconies, and decks as they provide safety and security. Railing repair costs include material, length of the railing, and labour.