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As implied by the name, Quick Fence Repair provides fast professional repairs to different kinds of fences, gates, railings, decks, etc.

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    Staining & Painting Keeps The Woodwork Shining

    Fences are an essential feature of every property. Apart from providing safety and security, they complete the aesthetic appearance of the property, thus amping up its curb appeal. While wooden fences look good on their own, staining or painting them improves their appearance many folds. Let’s consider a few aspects of staining or painting a fence.

    Is it Better to Paint or Stain a Fence? 

    Wood fence staining helps retain the existing look of the fence. It enhances the characteristics of the wood. Stain soaks into the wood or colour. A wooden fence can be easily re-stained once the existing stain fades. Wood fence staining is better for textured fence surfaces. Wood fence staining helps to get a uniform colour without the application of a primer.

    Wood fence painting completely covers the fence as the paint sits on the surface. Wood fence painting completely transforms the fence appearance. Wood fence painting is a more cumbersome process than wood fence staining. Before wood fence painting, the old paint has to be peeled off while requires extensive scraping. Sometimes, the paint on fences blisters which can be an eyesore.

    Ultimately, it is up to personal preference whether to stain or paint a fence. But, wood fence staining definitely has fewer cons than wood fence painting.

    What Is The Best Colour for a Fence?

    When deciding the colour for your wood fence paint, consider the surrounding background and the exterior colour of your house. Unmatched paint colour makes the fence oddly stick out.

    It all comes down to personal preference for wood fence painting. But, here are a few recommendations which are popular:

    Bold Grey: It is a neutral fence colour that matches almost every style and background. 

    Cool Blue: You can’t go wrong with this colour as it matches the sky. Furthermore, it goes well with neutral colours. It also helps your fence stand out in a good way.

    White: It is a traditional colour that goes well with any background. 

    Another option is black if you want a contrast with light background surroundings. Or you could go for yellow if you want to make a statement.

    How Much Does it Cost to Paint or Stain a Fence?

    The cost of painting or staining a fence depends on the quality of the paint or stain, painting tools, and labour if you choose a professional to do it. Hiring a professional ensures the best results. Another factor to consider is the length of your wooden fence. 

    One gallon of stain typically covers an area of 200 – 300 square feet. On average, a gallon of stain costs $48. On the other hand, a gallon of paint covers an area of 200 – 500 square feet. A gallon of paint costs around $29. Application of primer before the paint also adds to the cost.

    Is it Better to Paint or Stain a Deck? deck staining

    Deck staining and deck painting protect the deck from moisture. They also offer protecton from damage due to weather. Both options enhance the appearance of the deck and make it more durable.

    Deck staining offers a more natural look. It forms a thin layer but you can still see the wood grains and any superficial imperfections. It helps disguise imperfections without compromising the rustic appearance. It is an ideal choice for those who love the natural look. Deck staining is possible in either clear shades or brown shades.

    Deck painting covers the surface of the fence, thus hiding the wood grains and superficial cracks. It offers a more refined and neat look. Deck painting is possible in a variety of colours. Paint offers better protection from mold and sun damage. On the downside, paint cracks, peels, or blisters. Before repainting a deck, extensive scraping is required to remove the old paint, which can be cumbersome.

    How Much Does it Cost to Paint or Stain a Deck?

    The cost of painting or staining a deck is determined by the size of the deck, materials required, and labour. A gallon paint costs around $29 which covers an area of 200 – 500 square feet. Application of primer also adds to the cost. Wood stain costs $48 on average per gallon which covers an area 200 – 300 square feet.

    Deck Resurfacing

    Decks are a prominent feature of almost every backyard. With regular deck cleaning, they last for a very long time. An easy way of deck cleaning is to use a pressure washer instead of scrubbing it by hand, which is cumbersome and time consuming. 

    When an existing home is sold, the new owner may not like the finish or material of the deck surface and would therefore go for deck resurfacing. Also, once a deck has worn out its lifespan, it needs to be resurfaced. Deck resurfacing consists of replacing wooden boards, railings, and stairs on the existing deck foundation. Make sure the deck foundation is in good condition before proceeding with deck resurfacing.