Aluminum Ornamental Fences

Aluminum Ornamental Fences
Aluminum Ornamental Fences

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    Metal And Aluminum Ornamental Fences

    Modern houses in Toronto prefer decorative aluminum metal fences. They are lightweight and easy to install. Decorative aluminum metal fences add a lot of aesthetic beauty to the property. Aluminum fences are a popular choice for swimming pool fencing. It is the ideal choice for damp and humid weather conditions.

    Other metal fences such as steel fences are also popular. This type of fence is best suited for dry and inland climates. Steel metal ornamental fences cost more than wood fences but provide better security and appearance to the property.

    Wrought iron fences are mostly preferred by the wealthy living in upscale neighborhoods. They are usually installed around mansions for protection and security. They add exceptional aesthetic appeal to the mansions.

    Let’s have a look at some aspects of metal fences.

    Pros & Cons of Metal & Aluminum Ornamental Fencing


    • Decorative aluminum metal fences never rust.
    • Decorative aluminum metal fences are four times lighter than steel.
    • Steel fences are strong and are available in many intricate designs.
    • Decorative aluminum metal fences are recyclable.
    • Ornamental metal fences are powder-coated, which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. 


    • Fasteners are noticeable and pierce each picket in aluminum fences.
    • Steel can scratch and rust, even with galvanized coating under the paint.
    • Ornamental metal fencing does not provide privacy due to gaps between pickets. This makes it possible for anyone to look into your property.
    • Wrought iron fencing can rust. This is a disadvantage in locations with a lot of rain.

    How Much Does Metal and Aluminum Ornamental Fencing Cost?

    Decorative aluminum metal fence costs $29 to $42 per linear foot for material. Installation cost is higher as compared to wood fences and vinyl fences but lower than other types of metal fences. Overall, it costs $2600 to $6600 to install a decorative aluminum metal fence. Powder coating also drives up the aluminum fence cost.

    Steel fence costs $9 to $12.50 per linear foot for material and $38 to $63 per linear foot for installation. While the material costs are low, the installation costs are higher than aluminum fences. Thus, the overall cost of a steel fence is greater than an aluminum fence.

    Wrought iron is considered the best in fencing materials. But, it is very expensive to maintain. Wrought iron costs $130 to $396 per linear foot and is very expensive to install.

    What Is The Best Metal Ornamental Fence to Buy?

    A decorative aluminum metal fence is light and rust-free. It is very light as compared to other types of fences. Powder coating under heat makes these fences very strong and durable. For best results, decorative aluminum metal fences should be installed professionally.

    A steel fence is another option. It is strong and available in a variety of intricate designs. It looks shiny and beautiful thus adding aesthetic appeal to your property. But on the downside, it is not scratch-proof, even with galvanized coating under the paint. It is also not a good option for amp weather conditions.

    A Wrought iron fence adds a lot of appeal to the property. It is the best option in terms of security. But, it is very prone to rust. It dents easily than other types of fences. It is very expensive to install and maintain. If you choose to have a custom-made made wrought iron fence, the costs will go up significantly.